Our Horses

Our horses are the stars players of Manes For Change.  They quickly put clients at ease in the pasture with their calming presence.  They are good at their job, but sometimes horses need a break for their mental health as well.  Here is a list of horses you may meet at Manes For Change, but not all of them may be in the client pasture at the same time.  If you don't see a favorite at your sessions, it is because we are giving them a break in the big pasture to reset and come back to continue helping our clients.

This tiny lady is definitely a favorite in the pasture.  She is a miniature horse, not a pony.  She is about 15 years old and only 30 inches tall, but she is big on personality!  She loves to be loved and brushed.


This older gal is a 19 year old pony.  She loves to follow horses and people around in the pasture.  She is also Jamie's daughter's 4H pony and she goes to the fair every year.

This lovely lady is a 15 year old dun mare.  She came to us after a poor living situation and has quickly become a client favorite.  She is a super sweet, gentle soul and a real calming presence in the pasture.  

She came to us pretty underweight and scarred.  She has regained a healthy weight after being here, but she still carries quite a few scars that you will see.

IMG-5932 (1).jpg

This guy is a 13 year old grade, gray gelding.  He is very gentle, but maybe takes a session or two to trust someone new.  We are excited to get to know this gentle guy and to see what he can help our clients learn.

This tiny gentleman is such a cutie! He is a miniature paint gelding with the biggest personality.  He is currently enjoying a pen with our other mini... our pen of cuteness! He will quickly come up to greet everyone who stops by and will hang around all day for a few well placed scratches on the shoulder or neck.


Our newest mare is a jet black large pony.  She is loving all the attention she is receiving here!

Next up to introduce is this handsome gentleman. He is a very eye-catching addition to our pasture, and clients definitely notice him right away. We are asked all the time what color he is, he is considered a dappled grey and every year he will get a little less black and a little more white in his coloring. Grey horses change colors their entire lives.


This is our mare from our brother and sister cart team (see her brother below).  She was a bit stand-offish at first but with gentle handling she has really started to blossom and is beginning to trust people.  We think she is going to be a real sweetheart.  She is currently in a separate pen because she needs to be fed a special diet for a little while.

This is the gelding from our brother and sister cart team.  (See his sister above).  He is a real lover and soaks up all of the attention.  He is currently living in the Pen of Cuteness with the two other SmallFries.


The Dogs

We have two dogs available for limited sessions with certain providers.  If you are interested in a session with one of our canine pals, please let Rachel know when you call to schedule.


Last up for our horses is this handsome Morgan gelding.  He is learning to trust and to be more confident approaching people.

Our Dogs

We have two dogs available for limited sessions with certain providers.  If you are interested in a session with one of our canine pals, please let Rachel know when you call to schedule.

Meet Dawsen
Available in Sessions with Jennifer

HI! Oh, I’m so excited! My two-legged teammates call me Dawsen. I’m still learning the language of the super giant four legged teammates (they don’t bark?). I LOVE getting scratches on my head most days and I like to show lots of expressions on my face. I just turned 2 in December and I’m still growing! My favorite things to do are to play with my stuffed animals and nap in the sunshine. I’m currently working really hard at learning how to do the “therapy” stuffs but my teammates tell me I’m doing great so far. I sometimes come with when my teammate Jennifer is working. I have extra strength listening ears and patient paws that are ready to meet you.